We adopted the acronym (BEES) to describe what God is doing through Dreamkids Zambia!!! Bees are organised, they work hard together, communicate, are adaptable, accountable, industrious and demonstrate servant leadership. When a worker bee discovers a good sector of nectar or pollen, she will return to the hive to perform a waggle dance to let her nest mates know where it lies. The waggle dance informs other bees of a nectar source she has found. The dance describes the distance and direction! We want to waggle dance for Jesus and show people the answer! The answer is Jesus!!


We believe that a growing organisation reaches a self-supporting and self-sustaining stage. Thats our goal as Dreamkids Zambia! The Business arm is the one that sponsors and holds the rest of the arms and currently we have the following projects:

a) Sewing Project

We set up a sewing project which first started by sewing sanitary pads for girls. They are given free to a girl child; we have given 1000 out already and the project grows bigger everyday! Our goal is now to also manufacture uniforms for our school as well as for other schools with whom we shall enter into business with. The business will grow upon acquisition of a knitting machine for we shall not only supply school and work uniforms, but we shall supply sweaters and stockings as well.

b) School Tuck Shop

The school shall engage in fundraising such as a “Tuck shop” where school supplies and snack will be sold.


Dreamkids Zambia has a school operating in Chilanga district. The school is a STEM school and we have trained, qualified and licensed teachers! Great Scholars Academy is a Christ centred school offering quality education and we are continuing to enrol children. Some of the current projects running at the school are:

a) Building project I. Dining Hall

DKZ is building a state of the art dining hall at the school and construction is set to begin soon.

b) Building Project II. Wall fence

Safety of both property and the children is a very critical issue, hence the need for a wall fence.

c) Library Renovations

Initially, the school had no library. Hence, we combined two small rooms to make a library. The work on the library is almost completed as flooring and putting tables and shelves are the two things left to be done.


D.T Niles said,Evangelism is just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” The CEO of Dreamkids Zambia is an evangelist at heart and she believes we are living in a time where spiritually there is a huge harvest but the labourers are few. She wants to be one that God can count on to bring a shift, a move, power packed gospel at such a time as this! Under the evangelistic arm, DKZ holds conferences, crusades, has different powerful christian books available and an upcoming School of Ministry.


We held  an evangelistic campaign in Malala village where people gave their lives to christ and received prayer for deliverance and healing. We also had a conference in Lusaka where many people were delivered, heals and gave their lives to Jesus, while others came back to the Lord! Be up to date with our blogs and newsletters to see the wondrous works of God through DKZ.


As an organisation, we continue to engage in improving the socio-economic status of children in Malala village and across the country. This is done by providing: DEEP

  • Discipleship- spiritual support
  • Education- Sponsorship
  • Equip- skills and training
  • Prevision- Shelter, clothes, uniforms, shoes, bibles, school supplies, blankets


We invite you to join the ‘Friends of Dreamkids Zambia’ waggle today!! 


Partnering with us to complete the current running projects

Sponsoring one or more children

– Praying for us

-Giving your tax deductible gift

-Volunteering to come and work with us in Zambia!! Mission teams are welcome!!

International and Local Churches/ Ministries, we would love to work with you too!


Email:  dreamkidszambia@gmail.com

Call us on: 601 594 3791

In the interest of long-term sustainability of the Dream Kids Zambia, the Social,  we are seeking partners in furthering our mission and there are many opportunities to get involved. Gifts at every level are welcome as we see them as an endorsement of the work of the Dream Kids Zambia children.

To make a monetary donation to Dream Kids Zambia, please mail your cheques to:

Dream Kids Zambia
P.O Box 30526
Lusaka, Zambia


For Tax deductible gift (USA) please email dreamkidszambia@gmail.com

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