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  PRAY: Pray for the children in the village we are supporting

 GO: You can come for a mission trip with the youths!

GIVE: We need your help, the children at the village need clothes, school supplies, shoes and uniforms.

We give School Supplies, Shoes, uniforms and more to vulnerable kids in Malala Village and different places in Zambia.. Help us continue supporting these beautiful children. Together we can help them fulfill their God given dream!

Support our Sanitation Pads project for the girl child too (They don’t have to miss another day from school. No girl child should be left behind)

To donate for those in U.S.A for your tax deduction please email for details


Social Economic: This is a holistic approach that supports kids from different part of Zambia. HIV/AIDS has left many broken hearted people in Zambia. With parents dying and leaving orphans, the old are left to care for their grandchildren; most with are struggling because they have no income.

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