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I am so excited to see this dream come true!

The first dream was to help the orphaned and vulnerable children. This dream is being realized in Malala Village, where we have been supporting children since 2003 by offering school supplies and digging a water well for the community!

The second dream as you might guess, is to establish a school where my passion would not only be espoused, but be put in practice. I have the passion to offer Christ centered education. Yes a Christian School! It was during my high school days at a Christian school that I met the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour, hence my desire to see others benefit like I did.

Great Scholars Academy will have Christian Counselors who will be available for our students. Its envisioned that they will offer nurturing and discipleship that is needed for the young people to grow to be

respectful, resilient, reliable, and responsible members of society. To that effect, we will on the other hand, expect our students to work hard, and aim high in their academics, spiritual, and social lives, as we offer them the quality education, that nurtures, empowers, transforms, and imparts them to impact Chilanga, Zambia, and the entire world! This journey with you and me is starting in January of 2018!

We aim at providing an environment where our students will accomplish their God given dreams through hard work. Our faculty is ready to work tirelessly, and endlessly to give our students knowledge, skills, and tools to help them face their future with confidence and indeed, enable them to change their generation!

Our Board stands ready to give support, guidance, and any assistance needed in every aspects of the school’s endeavours realize the vision and the set goals.

Our Chilanga community is ready to support the vision of the school (Great Scholars Academy). This is just the beginning and more is yet to come!

I am grateful to my anonymous supporters and friends who have made this dream became a reality!

Dream Kids Zambia (CEO)

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” T. E. Lawrence



Great Scholars Academy (Pre-School- Grade7) opens on the 15th January 2018! The school will focus heavily on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to ensure that students are nationally and internationally competitive. The School also includes boarding facilities and will ope n the boarding session soon. However for 2018 it will only be day school. We are currently taking in applications for all grades (Pre-School- Grade 7). For inquiries and an application form click  on “STUDENT” on the menu bar. We are also taking applications for our staff, please click, CAREERS on the menu bar.

Also, we will soon upgrade to High School with time!

“Give them back their dream, to fulfill their God given dream”



To establish schools that offer Quality Affordable Christ Centered Education.

This is to be achieved through a DEEP approach:


Discipleship: To be able to offer an opportunity to all students to experience spiritual formation.

Education: To be able to provide an environment that prepares and motivates students for tertiary and career education.

Empowerment: To be able to equip students with skills for self-reliance and leadership.

Provision: To be able to provide students with accommodation, amenities, equipment, and learning resources of best quality.



Professionalism: We engage faculty and staff members who are highly qualified professionals. We aspire to provide quality services, while staying accountable to our stakeholders and above all to God Almighty.

Respect: We believe that God created all human beings and thus they deserve to be respected regardless of their background, ability or disability.

Integrity: We uphold integrity in all we do, by upholding Biblical principles, in offering sustainable Christ Centered Education.

Commitment: We are committed to touching the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children by meeting their needs equitably in a morally acceptable manner.

Creativity: Students are given an opportunity to express their ingenuity and novel ideas are supported and promoted.

Excellence: We are dedicated to high achievement for all by ensuring that both teaching and learning are done in the spirit of excellence

Stewardship: We strive to be good stewards by taking care of the environment and resources God places into our hands

Great Scholars Academy is located in Chilanga about 20 kilometers south of Lusaka, the capital city of the Republic of Zambia

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